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AcropolisNet Systems Company was founded in 1998, and has been providing quality Products and Services around Greece serving the public ever since.
Now Located in Abu Dhabi City, U.A.E. Started with self empoyment and rising over 50 people going globally with Internet Marketing Tools, Fitness, Health, Internet Services (HotSpots), Software and Hardware Support, Web Design and Development, Web Hosting Shared and Dedicated Servers, Reseller Plans for extra income, if you are an individual or a company (Global Plans) as well as partnerships with various companies globally.

AcropolisNet Systems will provide you with stategical skills to have an income of as much you desire, putting your goals and achieving them, helping you step by step of the way. We are happy to share with the world that we are Independent Representetive of Rah.

Hosting Plans by RaH

Hosting Plans for all…! If it is for private use, Enterprice Companies or Reselling Business, then you are in the right place. Learn more…

AcropolisNet Premium Themes

Get the most out of your web page and design a fabulous site. We can provide you with tips and tricks to get it on top.

If you want us to build it for you check out our Themes page to choose from or our partners page and affiliates so as to have your site online and going.

AcropolisNet Radio

Listen live radio with us and enjoy our best DJs broadcasting every night at 23:00.

Be your own DJ at Acropolisnet Radio by broadcasting your own music live. You only need a username and password from our server getting it on all our plans.

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