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    • 20 GB Disk Quota
    • 200 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • 5 FTP Accounts
    • 5 Email Accounts
    • 5 Email Lists
    • 5 Databases
    • 5 Sub Domains
    • 5 AddOns Domains
    • 5 Parked Domains
    • 1 Free Subdomain Under Main Domains
    • One Month Free After Checkout
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    • Unlimited GB Disk Quota
    • Unlimited GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Unlimited FTP Accounts
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Unlimited Email Lists
    • Unlimited Databases
    • 100 Sub Domains
    • 100 Parked Domains
    • 100 Addon Domains
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SrIDNameGroupMonthly3 Months6 MonthsYearly2 Years3 Years
1144Basic 100Shared Hosting-€8.0€12.0€29.0€70.0€60.0
234Reseller 100Reseller Hosting€8.7€22.0€36.0€70.0--
3120Reseller 30Reseller Hosting€9.0€19.0€28.0€40.0-€120.0
43Reseller 60Reseller Hosting€5.5€12.0€24.5€45.0€68.0€98.0
5147Reseller UnlimitedReseller Hosting-€45.0€83.0€154.0--
6148Reseller VPS ServerReseller Hosting€60.0-€270.0€400.0--
7135Free Plan200Free Hosting-€5.0€20.0€37.6--
811WordpressPlanWordpress Hosting-€9.0€24.0€40.0€60.0-
910Golden PlanSupreme Hosting€8.8€24.0€42.0€73.0€112.0€147.0
10145Junior PlanSupreme Hosting-€30.0€50.0€80.0€120.0€160.0
11146Queen PlanSupreme Hosting-€40.0€60.0€90.0€130.0€170.0
1235Certificate Comodo EVSSL Certificate---€125.0€250.0€355.0
1331Certificate Comodo Ev SgcSSL Certificate---€124.2--
1437Certificate Geotrust TruebizidSSL Certificate---€57.3--
1536Certificate QuickSSL® PremiumSSL Certificate---€50.0--
1629Certificate RapidSSL RapidSSLSSL Certificate---€8.0--
1738Comodo EssentialSSL Certificate---€9.5--
1839Comodo InstantSSL Certificate---€30.0--
1942Digicert SSLSSL Certificate---€165.0--
2040Symantec SSL Secure SiteSSL Certificate---€265.0--
2141Thawte SSL TrueBizSSL Certificate---€139.0--
2215FastSemi-Dedicated Servers€33.1-€180.0---
2316FuriousSemi-Dedicated Servers€55.1-€280.0---
2420AMD1Dedicated Servers€126.7€342.0€608.1---
2517Atom1Dedicated Servers€82.6€223.1€396.6---
2618Atom2Dedicated Servers€99.1€267.7€475.9---
2719Atom3Dedicated Servers€126.7-----
2821OVZAOPEN VZ VPS€1.1€3.3----
2922OVZBOPEN VZ VPS€1.1€3.3----
3023OVZCOPEN VZ VPS€1.1€3.3----
3124OVZDOPEN VZ VPS€52.9-----
3225KVM1KVM VPS-€3.3----
3326KVM2KVM VPS€22.0-----
3427KVM3KVM VPS€44.1-----
3528KVM4KVM VPS€88.1-----
36127ClientsEXEC Billing SystemCommercial Licenses€8.0€22.0-€75.0--
3713WHMCS RaH-Branded LicenseCommercial Licenses€10.0€24.0-€70.0--
3830WHMCS-RaH Non-Branded LicenseCommercial Licenses€14.0€34.0-€74.0--
39114Basic Web Site Anti-Malware ScanSSL Certificates---€112.9--
40103CERTUM Basic ID CertificateSSL Certificates---€5.6€9.8€14.0
41100Certum Commercial SSL SSL Certificates---€10.2€17.8€25.4
4299CERTUM Commercial SSL WildCard CertificateSSL Certificates---€66.6€116.5€134.3
43105CERTUM Enterprise ID CertificateSSL Certificates---€26.4€46.2€66.1
44104CERTUM Professional ID CertificateSSL Certificates---€12.4€21.6€30.9
45102CERTUM Trusted SSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€54.2€94.8€135.4
46101CERTUM Trusted SSL Wildcard CertificateSSL Certificates---€111.7€195.5€279.4
4771Comodo Code Signing CertificateSSL Certificates---€66.6€116.3€167.0
4888Comodo Elite SSLSSL Certificates---€63.2€110.6€158.0
4972Comodo Essential SSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€13.5€23.7€33.9
5073Comodo EssentialSSL Wildcard CertificateSSL Certificates---€83.5€146.7€208.8
5174Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€450.3€787.8-
5275Comodo EV SSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€135.4€237.0-
5376Comodo HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control CenterSSL Certificates---€98.1€196.2€294.2
5477Comodo HackerProof Trust Mark including Daily Vulnerability ScanSSL Certificates---€677.2€1,354.4-
5578Comodo InstantSSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€32.7€57.3€81.8
5679Comodo InstantSSL Pro CertificateSSL Certificates---€41.8€73.4€103.8
5780Comodo Multi-Domain SSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€100.5€175.8€251.1
5893Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€269.8€472.1€674.4
5994Comodo PCI Scanning Enterprise EditionSSL Certificates---€276.5€553.1€829.6
60106Comodo Personal Authentication Basic CertificateSSL Certificates---€5.6€9.0€14.1
61108Comodo Personal Authentication Enterprise CertificateSSL Certificates---€22.6€39.5€56.4
62107Comodo Personal Authentication Pro CertificateSSL Certificates---€16.9€29.6€42.3
6381Comodo PositiveSSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€6.8€11.9€16.9
6482Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard CertificateSSL Certificates---€80.1€141.1€200.9
6583Comodo Premium SSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€55.3€96.8€138.3
6684Comodo PremiumSSL Wildcard CertificateSSL Certificates---€169.3€296.8€423.3
6785Comodo SSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€44.0€76.8€109.5
6887Comodo Unified Communications CertificateSSL Certificates---€100.5€175.8€251.1
6992Comodo Unified Communications Wildcard CertificateSSL Certificates---€269.8€472.1€730.8
7086Comodo Wildcard SSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€168.2€293.5€419.9
7189Domain Validated UCC SSLSSL Certificates---€168.2€295.7€422.1
7244Free SSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€x--
7351Geo Trust True Business ID With EV Multi-DomainSSL Certificates---€320.5€562.1-
7446GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium CertificateSSL Certificates---€54.2€94.8€135.4
7553GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Multi Domain CertificateSSL Certificates---€101.6€178.3€254.0
7647GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard CertificateSSL Certificates---€314.9€551.1€787.3
7748GeoTrust True BusinessID CertificateSSL Certificates---€66.6€117.4€167.0
7852GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard CertificateSSL Certificates---€337.5€591.4€844.2
7950GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV SSL Certificates---€156.9€275.4-
8049GeoTrust True BusinessID with Multi-DomainSSL Certificates---€189.6€334.1€475.2
81111GeoTrust True BusinessID with Multi-Domain WildcardSSL Certificates---€541.0€941.5€1,343.4
8254GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware ScanSSL Certificates---€44.0€77.0€110.1
8390PositiveSSL Multi-Domain CertificateSSL Certificates---€16.9€29.6€42.3
8491PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Wildcard CertificateSSL Certificates---€156.9€274.6€392.2
8543RapidSSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€10.2€18.1€25.4
8645RapidSSL Wildcard CertificateSSL Certificates---€111.7€196.4€277.7
8762Symantec Code SigningSSL Certificates---€393.9€689.3€984.8
8861Symantec Code Signing IndividualSSL Certificates---€393.9€689.3€984.8
8963Symantec Safe SiteSSL Certificates---€248.3€439.1€642.2
9055Symantec Secure SiteSSL Certificates---€292.3€510.2€731.4
9156Symantec Secure Site ProSSL Certificates---€676.1€1,182.8€1,689.6
9257Symantec Secure Site Pro WildcardSSL Certificates---€5,303.6€9,281.3€13,259.0
9359Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV SSL Certificates---€1,071.1€1,873.6-
9460Symantec Secure Site WildcardSSL Certificates---€1,890.5€3,309.3€4,725.7
9558Symantec Secure Site with EV SSL Certificates---€716.7€1,252.8-
96109Symantec® Secure Site Multi-Domain WildcardSSL Certificates---€2,401.6€4,144.5€6,003.3
97110Symantec® Secure Site Pro Multi-Domain WildcardSSL Certificates---€5,859.7€10,250.1€14,648.3
98113Symantec® Secure Site Pro SHA-1 PrivateSSL Certificates---€1,466.1--
9970Thawte Code Signing Individual CertificateSSL Certificates---€184.0€321.1€507.9
10069Thawte Code Signing CertificateSSL Certificates---€168.2€293.5€474.0
10166thawte SSL Web Server CertificatesSSL Certificates---€55.3€97.1€138.8
102112Thawte SSL Webserver Multi-Domain WildcardSSL Certificates---€534.7€935.8€1,336.8
10364Thawte SSL123 CertificatesSSL Certificates---€27.1€47.4€67.7
10465Thawte SSL123 Wildcard CertificatesSSL Certificates---€337.5€590.6€843.7
10567Thawte SSLWebserver EV SSL Certificates---€145.6€255.1-
10668Thawte Wildcard SSL CertificateSSL Certificates---€292.3€511.3€730.8
10798Web Inspector EnterpriseSSL Certificates---€513.5€898.7€1,283.8
10897Web Inspector PlusSSL Certificates---€169.3€296.3€423.2
10996Web Inspector Premium SSL Certificates---€282.2€493.8€705.4
11095Web Inspector StarterSSL Certificates---€95.9€167.9€239.8
111117DMCA Website ProtectionDMCA Website Protection€x€13.0----
112128Easy DMCADMCA Website Protection€0€0€0€0€0€0
113123Comodo SSLReseller All SSL---€63.0€114.6-
114149cPanel Comodo SSLReseller All SSL---€59.6€118.0-
115122Positive SSLReseller All SSL---€39.9€70.0-
116121Positive SSL WildCardReseller All SSL---€94.9€158.6-
117143WHM Sonic AutoDj DeluxRadio Streaming€19.0-€100.0€150.0--
118143WHM Sonic AutoDj DeluxRadio Streaming€19.0-€100.0€150.0--
119116WHMsonic AutoDj PremiumRadio Streaming€12.0€30.0€50.0€120.0--
120140Voice Server VentriloVoice Servers€0.3€2.0-€24.0--
121129RaH Design 100Web Design & Development€186.0-----
122132RaH DevelopmentWeb Design & Development€236.0-----
123133RaH Extra DesignWeb Design & Development€320.0-----
124150Wordpress Design SimpleWeb Design & Development€116.0-----
125151Wordpress Design UltimateWeb Design & Development€166.0-----
126134Game Server1GamePanelX Server€50.0-----
127142Virtualizor1 OpenVZVirtualizor Server€0€0€0€0€0€0
128141Virtualizor2 KVMVirtualizor Server€0€0€0€0€0€0

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One click install, free of hundreds website templates, Webmail software, SEO, Reseller SEO, mySQL, PHP Services, Softaculous, WordPress Ready, WHM and WHMCS Free License on Supreme and RaH Plans only, RVbuilder and much more.

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99.99% Uptime Guarantee

You can tranfer your domain name with as at any point you like. At setup or after registering with a Hosting Plan, we will make any changes required to suite your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use WHMCS with my Plan?

Yes, only if you have a reseller plan and want to start a service business you will be able to use it with that specific plan. Transfering your License and Reisuing is unlimited.

Can I use the multiple sites on yor free hosting plans?

Yes, you are free to use multiple sites on almost all plans, depending on the plan you are going to choose, we offer multiple site builder. The free plans usually offer 1 database so it is not possible to use more than one website on those plans.

What is your refund policy?

We offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email or submit a ticket and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.

What are Website SSL and Security option?

This is part of Reseller All Hosting options, after you have a Hosting Plan with them. It is an addon to your web site for protecting your files and site, as well as to get higher rank on search engines, since Google has changed robot rules from 1st January 2017.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. When you purchase a plan from us, log in and go to upgrade/downgrade section (see on your left sidebar) and you will be able to change plans by going through the required steps, regarding your current package and instructions on how to upgrade.

Can I use your themes with WP.com?

Unfortunately WordPress.com does not allow the use of custom themes. If you would like to use a custom theme of any kind, you will need to purchase your own hosting account and install the free software from WordPress.org. If you are looking for great WordPress hosting, we recommend giving Reseller All Hosting a try.

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